Thursday, February 25, 2010


Enugu Ezike is a town located at Igbo-eze north local government area of Enugu state, Nigeria. It is reputed as the largest single community in West Africa. It is made up of 36 villages. Their major occupation is Palm wine tapping. Their wine is regarded as the best in Nigeria. Every morning people travel from far and wide to buy Palm wine from the town. They are also renowned for their belief in African traditional religion. There are many sooth sayers, traditional Herbalists and medicine men in Enugu Ezike. It is a widely held belief that the herbalists even commune with the spirits. Most of these claims are verified, although some of them still remain myths and folk stories. The main talisman they are known for is the traditional bullet proof otherwise know as 'Odeshi' in Igbo language Which means 'bullets can't penetrate'.
Having given an introductory note, it's time to give an analogy on the origin of Enugu Ezike.

Over 500 years ago, in the ancient city of Benin kingdom, presently in Edo State, Nigeria, the Oba, the king of Benin had a son who was the Prince and the heir to the throne. His name was Ejige Oba. He was a very skillful hunter. He was not in good terms with the father because he lived a wayward life. When the king could no longer condone his excesses, he decided to sell him off to the slave traders. When the queen got a hint of the plot against her son, she told the son to run away. This he did and traveled to Igala land, presently in Kogi State. Being a Prince he settled in the house of Ata of Igala, the king of Igala land. He could not stay there. He moved on to Iheaka presently in Enugu state. He continued with his hunting expedition and this endeared him to the people.

He married four wives who gave birth to four sons, namely: Ezodo, Itodo, Essodo and Ozzi. These sons make up the four paramount Villages in Enugu Ezike today. The name Ezike came from Ejige, while the name Enugu was given to him because he lived on the mountain top. Now the descendants bear the name Enugu Ezike or Ezike Oba.


  1. Thank God that I'm alive and well. Some people have all the wealth and power in the world yet they cannot live well because of ill-health

  2. Nna, your write-up is a popular one but not truth, the true ezike people migrated from ofia-ezike in Enugu ukwu anambra... Please research more.
    Dont follow others to spread this old rumour.

  3. Dear, Victor
    Thanks for your comment but your postulation is erroneous. Ejige Oba, the progenitor of Enugu EZIKE only lived for a while at Enugu Ukwu before finally settling at Ugwu Iheaka. He is not from Enugu Ukwu